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Border Collie Puppies for Sale

We take great pride in our Border Collie puppies. The parent dogs, Mac and Fleece, are our pets and work on the horse farm. They are ABCA registered, calm and good workers. We are neither a puppy mill nor a kennel. We do not have puppies all the time. Our Border Collies have their time off, so that, when bred, they are good parents with healthy, happy puppies.

We breed for correctness of the Border Collie breed and to reduce genetic disorders. All of our puppies are registered with the American Border Collie Association (ABCA). We have pedigree lines documented for your review.

At TNEC, we strive to raise family pets that are obedient, socialized, and downright adorable! All Border Collie puppies are healthy and vet-checked. We handle the puppies every day. They are cuddled and nurtured to ensure that each one will make a wonderful addition to your family.

Fleece Border Collie Fleece Border Collie
Fleece is our new female. She is very pretty and a calm patient worker. She also has correct conformation. Fleece is ABCA registered.

Border Collies are referred to as the silent workers. They are rated the smartest breed of dog. No argument here. Their work ethic is amazing, making them great for a variety of jobs, herding (children included), jogging partners, and loyal companions.

Mac Border Collie Mac Border Collie
Mac is our new stud. He has second generation imported bloodlines. He is a calm worker and a loyal friend. Mac is the son of Fly and Lad and ABCA registered.

Opossum Border Collie Opossum Border Collie
Opossum is a very slight built, lightning fast, lovable Border Collie. She is a soft worker, manuvering animals around with out riling them up. She is a Top Notch favorite greeting all the kids and adults with her happy, loyal attitude. Puppies from her last litter are pictured below.

Border Colliec puppies More Border Collie puppies
Here are some of Opossum's puppies.

Fly, our retired (from breeding) female is 37 lbs, and faster than lightning. Lad is 55 lbs, traditionally marked and focused. Their different sizes gave us a great range of size in the litter, and each pup is simply adorable! We are expecting the same out of Fleece and Mac. Retired breeder Border Collies

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