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Jack Russel Terrier Puppies for Sale

We take great pride in our Jack Russel Terrier puppies. The parent dogs, Murphy, Snowflake, Fluke and Ringo, are our pets and work on the horse farm. They are registered, calm and good workers. We are neither a puppy mill nor a kennel. We do not have puppies all the time. Our Jack Russel Terrier have their time off, so that, when bred, they are good parents with healthy, happy puppies.

Jack Russell Terriers
Ringo clowns around

We breed for correctness of the Jack Russel Terrier breed line and to reduce genetic disorders. All of our puppies are registered. We have pedigree lines documented for your review.

At TNEC, we strive to raise family pets that are obedient, socialized, and downright adorable! All Jack Russel Terrier puppies are healthy and vet-checked. We handle the puppies every day. They are cuddled and nurtured to ensure that each one will make a wonderful addition to your family.

Murphy Jack Russell Terrier Murphy Jack Russell Terrier
Our male, Murphy, is short-legged with a semi broken coat. He throws smooth, semi broken, and broken coats. He is Fluke's dad.

Jack Russells are personality plus - all wrapped up in a clown's outfit. Their antics will keep you occupied for hours. These dog's biggest desire is to be part of your life all the time. We have grown puppies on site for you to see.

Snowflake Jack Russell Terrier Snowflake Jack Russell Terrier
Snowflake is a registered jack Russel, she is a very correctly marked She is a very active and lovable little girl. She is the most reliable friend to the new puppies. She jumps in with them to play and romp delicately with them ,and then runs out with the full grown dogs to reek a little havick. There's never a dull moment with her around.

Ringo Jack Russell Terrier Ringo Jack Russell Terrier
Ringo is our tri-colored female, and Fluke's mom. She trows tri-colors, smooth and rough coats. She also throws short and long legged jacks.

Fluke Jack Russell Terrier Fluke Jack Russell Terrier
Fluke is Ringo's and Murphy"s daughter, she is the rare broken coat we get about every other litter. She is also Mike's side kick, where there is one there is the other. She rides with Mike on the 4 wheeler dragging arenas and feeding our horses. She keeps an eye on him, thats her job.

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