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Training Riders and Horses

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Top Notch Horse Training

At TNEC all horses are taught with a gentle but firm hand. Horses are trained for good behavior, in-hand, and riding. We train green through competition level horses. We even train draft horses for riding. Our goal at TNEC is a happy, well-mannered horse.

Basic Training Program

This program is taught to all horses that are trained or sold at TNEC. They are immediately rewarded for good behavior and disciplined for bad behavior. This quickly establishes a relationship with the horse, then training related to a specific area, such as barrel racing or western pleasure riding can proceed.

Dani Pinto is well known for her ability to correct problem behaviors in horses. She does not tolerate a “bratty” horse. Many horses develop problem behaviors from lack of training and boredom. Her kind, gentle but firm approach, along with a sense of humor, keeps the horses attention. Using her determination and knowledge, she teaches your horse that there’s a better way. This results in happier horses and happier owners.

Advanced Training Programs

TNEC offers advanced training programs for pleasure riding and competition. Just let Dani know what your goals are for your horse. She will work with you to develop a training program for your horse to reach those goals. Whether you want your horse to learn a new discipline or improve an existing one, TNEC can provide the training. Some of the disciplines we’ve taught include:

Western Pleasure Gymkhana Dressage
Western Dressage Barrel Racing English Hunt Seat
Reining Pole Bending English Jumping

Contact us today to set up a time to visit our facility, meet our trainers, and discuss your training goals for your horse!

riding lessons

Top Notch Riding Lessons

We have experienced instructors teaching our lesson programs. We specialize in Western and English disciplines. We enjoy teaching beginner through advanced riders. For those with racing spirits, we also specialize in teaching English, Western, and Barrel for horse shows and rodeos. Both private and semi-private lessons are available. Contact us to set up a convenient lesson time.

Pole bending, Barrel Racing

Using Your Horse

For the best results, lessons are taught on your horse. The instructor can see how you and your horse work together. In addition to helping you improve your riding techniques, our instructors help you become more sensitive to your horse. This awareness transforms you from just a horse and rider to partners in a team. You’ll find this makes riding much more enjoyable for both you and your horse. You can schedule lessons by the hour, day, week or month.

Guest Rider Program

Even if you’re just in our area on vacation or visiting with family, you can have your horse trained, while here taking in the sites. Our 80’x200’ outdoor sand arena and 60’ round pen are available for your use. In the arena, jumps, barrels and poles can be set up to challenge your riding skills.

Gymkhana, English Jumping
We train them all, big and small.

Upstairs Lounge

As a patron of TNEC, our upstairs lounge is available for your pleasure and relaxation. The lounge includes comfortable seating, a TV/VCR with many “horsey” videos, a dartboard, a refrigerator and a heated full bathroom (hot showers). It's a great place to relax.

Additional Programs

We offer additional programs such as clinics or seminars. These programs offer an in-depth exploration of a horse-related topic such as breaking, quieting, natural horsemanship, four keys of success (a pre-trip safety workout), or fun games on horseback.

Come and visit us or call to inquire about our Equestrian Programs. You’ll enjoy our modern facilities, hospitable staff, riders’ recreation room and miles of surrounding Bear Spring Mountain Park trails.

Top Notch Equestrian Center, 2389 Colchester Mountain Road, Walton, NY 13856 607-363-2344

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