The Horses

At TNEC all horses are taught with a gentle but firm hand. Horses are trained for good behavior, in-hand, and riding. We train green through competition level horses. We even train draft horses for riding. Our goal at TNEC is a happy, well-mannered horse.

The four keys to success program is taught to all horses that are trained or sold at TNEC. They are immediately rewarded for good behavior and disciplined for bad behavior. This quickly establishes a relationship with the horse, then training related to a specific area, such as barrel racing or western pleasure riding can proceed.

Dani Pinto is well known for her ability to correct problem behaviors in horses. She does not tolerate a “bratty” horse. Many horses develop problem behaviors from lack of training and boredom. Her kind, gentle but firm approach, along with a sense of humor, keeps the horses attention. Using her determination and knowledge, she teaches your horse that there’s a better way. This results in happier horses and happier owners.

If you are stuggling with a horse, bring it to Dani for an evaluation because that horse just might be the perfect horse for you. Don't sell just because it will not cooperate as we will do our best to make it focus on you.

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